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Getting the horn, well at least replacing it.

Getting The Horn And Auto Electrics

We have our Rolls Royce project here in the workshop and it continues to throw up challenges not seen on newer cars.

We have replaced one of the horns as it was not sounding, this was an easy diagnosis because there was a rot hole in it.  Craig cleaned the brackets and remounted the new horn.  Finding that it still didn’t work we then started to re-check the powers.  Reading that they had a known issue with the horn button in a service manual from the ’70s we started looking there.

We removed the horn button, checking for continuity.  The power runs down the steering shaft and through a carbon brush which had we found lost its brass connector to the wiring loom.  This was soldered back on, which was no mean feat as its sprung loaded with a long spring.

Once back together we thought we were winning, only to find we had lost power to the horn button, we had had power an hour ago.  After consultation of the wiring diagram, we found the fuse box.  Checked the fuse, checked power and cleaned contacts as the fuse had not blown.

PARP PARP we have a working horn!!


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