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Frost and other wintery problems

My parking is surrounded by fences so this morning was the first slowed by a frosty windscreen.  I can’t recommend enough being patient and letting your car warm the interior a little before setting off.  This is frustrating but in the first mile, you will simply not be able to see clearly as the screen mists up with condensation.

To clear your screen make sure

  • Heating is not on recirculation, so fresh air comes into the cabin
  • It has also been proven that warm air can carry more moisture away so have the heating on hot
  • If you have AC still leave this on as it helps dry the air as it enters the cabin heater
  • Make sure your wiper haven’t frozen to the screen before using them, this can strain the motor and pop the fuse.

It is possible to reduce the frost on the screen with the use or a tarpaulin trapped down by using the front doors.

Other tips for when the weather gets colder

  • Silicon spray on your door seals to stop the doors sticking closed
  • Have topped up screen wash – a little stronger mix than in the summer
  • Clean your car lights including number plates, see to be seen
  • Pay special attention to fluid levels and tyre pressures, you need all the advantages available to you
  • Carry an extra coat in the car, in case you need to get out
  • Have a European style break down kit, hi-viz, warning triangle and spare bulbs
  • Add to this kit as appropriate, spare screen wash, de-icer

You coolant now has an extra job, not just cooling and corrosion resistance but not freezing.  We can check this for free when you come in, don’t wait for a service please come in and we can show you around your engine bay so you can look after your car your self between services.

This weekend, give yourself the task of cleaning the screen and windows inside and out and applying Rain-X, checking your lights and levels and wiper blades.


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