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Brake checks and hidden problems

After carrying out safety checks on a clients Peugeot 206 we found the front brakes were wearing unevenly.  The rest of the car being just fine.  To cure the brake problem we had to clean the sliding parts of the front brake calipers.  In this instance, the pads and discs had worn so unevenly we had to replace them (with the customers permission). 

Often this can be avoided and full braking effort can be restored just with cleaning calipers and facing up the pads.  This type of situation is often seen with short journey use, the problem is often worse with the rear brakes as drums keep all these problems covered up.  If your brakes don’t feel as sharp as they did, its not your imagination.

If you would like a safety check please just ask.  Often we can collect from your home or work and return to you before the end of the day with an action plan of what needs doing.  This service is £45 and we give you a complementary clean and screen wash top up.

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