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Experienced technicians with more than three decades in the motor industry between us, we understand the importance of ensuring your car will pass an MOT.

Your time is valuable.  We strive to pick up small faults before presenting your car for MOT. For £54.95 simply drop your vehicle with us and we will check and present your car for its test.  With your permission we can replace bulbs, top up washer fluid and replace small parts like wiper blades before the test at our special reduced MOT rate.  Although you have 10 days after an MOT test failure to present the car for a partial re-test this will mean you have more time without your precious car.    

But please remember, an MOT is not a once-a-year event, but a continual process; at any time, if your car has a fault which would see it fail an MOT, you may face charges for having an un-roadworthy car.  If you have anything more serious wrong we will work our an accurate estimate and let you make your decision.  We are on hand and happy to offer advice.   

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