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Quality diagnostics computers are a window on what may be wrong with your car, recording faults so that technicians can accurately target the problem. But not all diagnostics systems are the same.

At Revolution Automotive, we use a top-quality system which is ‘tuned’ to your car model and even year. For many engine and transmission faults, this allows our technicians to plug directly into your car’s electronics and get an almost instant result, removing the guesswork which is the result of some cheaper diagnostics readouts.

Does this mean you’ll have to cut wires to use the system?

No. Every car is equipped with a small On Board Diagnostics socket (OBD2 or EOBD) for this purpose. As car electronics have developed, so have the number of systems the diagnostics computer can analyse, though actually tracing the fault back to an individual component is still the work of a skilled technician.

A fault I had happens only occasionally. Will it still show on the computer?

In most cases, yes. The fault will be recorded by your car’s electronics, and even if the fault is not apparent when you present your car for repair, the fault should still be ‘readable’ by the diagnostics computer.

Does this mean the next owner of my car will know it developed a fault?

No. When the fault is corrected, the technician will erase this data.

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