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Car Repairs

At Revolution Automotive, we are as happy to quote you for a simple service as for more complex work, and will care for your car in exactly the same way.

It’s in our DNA that, above all else, your safety is paramount. During a routine service we will check safety-related items such as brakes, suspension, tyres and fuel lines and, if we find any safety-related faults, will report them to you immediately. Should you wish us to carry out the repair, we will prepare an accurate quote for the work, the repair time and the cost, including VAT.  Only when you have agreed to this quotation will we carry out the work, so no nasty surprises!

Should OEM parts not be available, or we can recommend a cheaper but reliable alternative, we will let you know your options.

Occasionally, it is only possible to assess the full cost of a repair by beginning work to get access to components which may have failed. We will walk you through this diagnostic process, explaining the costs as we progress.  During any repair we will always replace worn or damaged safety-critical items with your approval, never ‘cutting corners’ as this could lead to a breakdown later.

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